Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baking Basics

I'm sure you have read a recipe and thought to yourself, "but that's not important" or "I don't have time to...". I have! I've done some research over the years and thought I'd save you the time.

This may be totally boring, but let's talk about eggs.

One of the basics is using room temperature eggs. Why would that make a difference? Well, when baking cakes and cupcakes it does matter! Here's why.....

Eggs beat to a higher volume at room temperature, so your cakes will bake better. 
Ever had a lumpy mixture and don't know why? Cold eggs won't incorporate with butter (or which ever fat you are using). 

Problem is, it takes ages for the eggs to get to room temperature. And if you're anything like me, you decide to bake at a moment's notice and can't wait for the eggs to stand. The best way to warm them up is to gently place them in a bowl of warm tap water until you need them. 

What are your best baking tips? 

Happy baking!

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