Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This post is not about cupcakes, but bear with me....

Those of you that follow me on Facebook will have seen me raving about my lunch today. When Himself is home we tend to eat badly. Since Baby Cupcake started eating solids we agreed that we need to be a good example to her.

I recently came across EATrite foods and immediately ordered meals. Delivery was 7 days after ordering and the guys at EATrite were great about communicating via email.
After stocking our freezer with these amazing looking meals, I finally got to try one for lunch today.

This is where I would normally post a picture of my meal, but I was too busy enjoying it to take a photo :)
WOW! Anyone who says healthy food isn't tasty has not tried the EATrite meals! (And is probably totally lacking in the imagination department)

Our very well stocked freezer
I would give you the whole spiel about the benefits of EATrite, but you can just check it out yourself here.

Happy eating!

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